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Tibetan Up-to-Date

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Tibetan Up-to-Date

Application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

In Rabten Choeling, the Centre for Higher Tibetan Studies in Switzerland, a great number of Westerners have been learning the Tibetan language since 1977. This application has been designed to reflect all our experience in transmitting this precious language.

  • Tap on any character to make it sound, over 600 soundfiles will help you to get the pronunciation right.
  • While learning characters, you also learn a basic vocabulary, which has been carefully selected from spoken and written Tibetan.
  • The complete range of characters and their combinations is introduced, up to a first conversation, a first verse of Dharma, and a number of Mantras.
  • Universal Application
  • The application can be installed on any iOS device. Switching between Portrait and Landscape mode will automatically scale the views.

For support inquiries and comments please contact:

Price: €7.99

For support inquiries and comments please contact:


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